Evan Leon

Software Engineer

About Me

I am a software developer with experience building full stack applications using Javascript, Ruby on Rails, React, Redux, MongoDB, Node.js, Express.js and SQL.

When I am not coding, I enjoy watching series from my favorite showrunners (check out my "ShowRunner Digest" project to checkout a few showrunners and their series!). I also like to garden, cook and intake music (preferably live). I am always looking to learn new skills, currently I am sharpening my Python skills.


Flux is a trip planner, designed to coordinate logistics among groups, which allows users to make a travel plan and invite other users to collaborate on their plan and add suggestions, make comments, and upvote and downvote comments. In this project, I crafted a MongoDB noSQL database with polymorphic associations to better integrate users and their plans, facilitated React DateRange correspondence with the MongoDB database to ensure data visualization accuracy in React components, correct formatting for trip dates, and accurate representation of the length of trips and ensured proper information flow, using Mongoose methods, to better populate Axios responses to the front end of the site.


WhereBNB is an AirBNB-inspired full stack web application where users can browse rental listings, book stays, and leave reviews. I built modals using CSS3 and React that provide a seamless user experience, including simplified processes for logging in, logging out, leaving reviews and booking stays, engineered a React search component with a custom Rails route combined with an ActiveRecord request to a PostgreSQL database, which allowed for dynamic interaction with the database and robust search responses from the Rails API and incorporated Google Maps API to track user interaction with the map in order to better navigate and browse listings.

ShowRunner Digest

ShowRunner Digest allows users to discover information about television’s most popular showrunners. Users can select their favorite showrunner and explore a bar graph visualization that contains titles and ratings of the selected showrunner’s television series. Using Fetch API, I transformed response data from TVmaze API, a digital television guide, into usable objects, which were then used to create the bar chart visualizations that utilized the D3.js library. I implemented an interactive stock ticker utilizing CSS3 and JS event handlers, which trigger an automatic rerender of the bar chart to reflect a user’s selected showrunner. I incorporated television graphics, by using JavaScript click handlers to toggle classes on various HTML elements and CSS with JS asynchronicity to handle gif animations, which allowed for greater user experience when interacting with showrunners.